Are you using a competent Gas Safe company?

Gas is fundamentally unsafe yet used all over the UK in both domestic and commercial premises, but over the past 26 years the Regulations, Registers and best practices have improved, reducing the number of gas related incidents and more particularly … Continue reading

Boiler maintenance to suit your needs

With the recent spate of cold weather and heavy snowfall across the country, one of the highest priorities for our clients is the need for a fully functioning boiler to ensure fully functioning hot water and heating services. Thats where DMG Delta can … Continue reading

Avoid burst pipes with planned preventative maintenance

We’re hearing a lot about flooding at the moment. Torrential rain has led to hundreds and hundreds of people having their lives turned upside down by water cascading through their homes. Clearly in this instance the cause is beyond just … Continue reading

Shared boiler systems – using planned maintenance to prevent long-term problems

Shared boiler systems take many forms. They can be anything from a small boiler room servicing a handful of flats to huge boiler plants that run the heating and hot water systems for whole buildings. Here at DMG Delta we … Continue reading